Rhyme by Rhyme


Ink Flows Black
A poem dangles in my head
I keep it there-- unwritten, unread
Some things are better left unsaid
Some fires are better left unfed
Ink flows black, but blood flows red
So this poem stays inside my head
Secrets locked away in me
Resting right where they should be
Never will these words be free
Never will you find the key
Always floating here in me
Sinking, rising, reminding me
Secrets locked away in me
A poem dangles in my mind
Pieces of truth, life in rewind
Past mistakes there in rhyme
Hidden away for no one to find
Tucked in a corner, frozen in time
A poem dangles in my mind

Kiss the Lips You've Sealed
I listen past the silence
Kiss the lips you’ve sealed
Hold you while you’re sleeping
Hoping you will feel
Feel that I adore you
Feel that I’m alive
Feel that I am breathing
Feel my softer side
You closed off, closed up, closed down
Many years ago
But I never gave up hope
And still want you to know
I’m the girl you married
The girl you made love to
I’m still here & waiting
Patiently for you
Come back when you’re ready
I’ll be here holding you
Wiping tears, ignoring fears
So in love with you
I kiss the lips you’ve sealed
Listen to you breathe
One day you’ll wake up
One day you’ll kiss me

(written in 2001)
Your inextricable
I can't
the way
your mind
Or does it work?
How do you live?
How do you push
past the
of thinking
too much?
Little Girl
Little girl, hide your rage
Save it for a rainy day
Little girl, dry your eyes
For tears betray hidden lies
Fight the urge, hold it in
Calm yourself, indulge in sin
Dance with danger, laugh at fear
Find your way, make it clear
Little girl, divert your gaze
For little girl, your eyes show rage.

High School Band
It seeps into our souls,
The slow sweet Nessum Dorma
Through its gentle motions,
Our melodies grow warm.
Our eyes fill with tears,
We realize we've been born
For the music that we create,
Has taken beauty's form.

Twin Towers (written before 9/11)
tall and cold you stand with pride,
hugged - by the white of a cloud.
shimmering in the sun on days it shines,
standing - tall, erect and proud.
i stand at your feet - humbled,
breathing - looking skyward.
little me - southern girl,
tourist - looking skyward.
Fallen Soldier 
Like glass I shatter.
Like rain I fall.
With tears I crumble,
Losing it all.
My world evaporates.
It dissappears.
Everything changes.
Wasted years.
Like a fallen soldier,
A battle lost.
My wounded body,
The ultimate cost.

Let Me Be
Let me be your angel. Let me be your wings.
Let me be the ardent song that your body sings.
Let me be your constant. Let me be your northern star.
Let me hold your hand and guide you,
Let me show you who you are.
Let me be the memory that pulls and pushes you.
Let me be your gentle prayer, and slowly console you.
Let me be the tears that trickle down your face.
Let me be your shelter. Let me keep you safe.
Let me be your poetry, your deep and moving words.
Let me be your past,
the things you've seen, the things you've heard.
Let me be the kiss, that seeps into your skin.
Let me be your breath,
breathe me out and breath me in.
Let me be your angel. Please let me be your wings.
And together we will fly into whatever tomorrow brings.

Does It Sting?
Does it sting to believe a lie?
To trust a dream?
Follow a shadow?
Does it burn to see me cry?
To dry my tears?
To feel me tremble?
Does it chill you to feel my skin?
To hold me close?
To feel my touch?
Do you long to indulge in sin?
To become one?
Forbidden love.

Far Too Long
You kissed me, and
I found myself
You remind me
Of Me
I feel your lips
And taste your taste
And feel right about it
Your gaze burns deep
Your eyes penetrate
To the core,
My core
A part that's been ignored
For far too long

Will You?
Will you take me to your darkness?
Let me hide with you.
Will you whisper all your secrets?
What is left to lose?
Will you hold me to your breast?
And let me feel you breathe.
Will you tell me that you love me?
Please, you're all I need.
Take me to your fantasy,
Let me make it real.
Pull me closer--make us one.
Show me what you feel.

Where is depth?
Where is thought?
You're floating on the surface
Where is consistency?
Where is truth?
Or do you even notice?
Where is hope?
What is love?
Do you ever long for beauty?
Where are feelings?
Why no tears?
Don't you ever long for beauty?

Drunken Angel
Drunken angel
You fell like we all do
One moment changed you
One moment of destruction.
You flew gracefully
Yet you hit the ground
You ripped your wings
Removed your innocence
Tasted life,
And liked it.
Nothing to be ashamed of
Nothing to regret
You simply ate the apple
You followed nature
Your will
Not his.
Your choice
Your wings
Your end
Drunken angel

But You Came
The world began without you
It didn't need you.
but you came.
You made yourself known
And now, somehow,
The world is not the same.

Midnight found us here.
In each other's arms.
It found us
Whether we wanted it to or not
We didn't invite it
Or even expect it for that matter.
It simply came
It took our moment
Our truth
And pulled it,
after a fight,
It came back.
We came back.
To reality.

Making Your Mark
Dancing through the night
Swaying in the dark
Always behind the scenes
Yet still making your mark.
You don't ask for fame
You cower from the lights
Yet you're always there--behind the scenes
Doing what is right

Do you hear it?
Let it speak.
It's getting closer
It's what you seek
It's getting closer
It's by your side
Let it take you
It's far too late
To hide

You're A Hero
You're a hero
They adore you.
And rightly so,
You deserve honor.
But what about me?
I'm a good person.
I've got heroism.
(Though I hide it well)
Is it your choice?
Do you build your own pedestal?
Did you applaud your deeds,
Hoping they'd catch on?
Well, you did it well.
You've got them now.
So take a bow--
I'm sure you know how.

Although it wastes energy,
I hate him.
It's worth the waste.
He's a thorn in my side.
A board in my eye.
He's a hypocrite,
In all forms of the word.
The definition of betrayal.
He's a rapist--
He raped my trust.
He's a murderer--
He murdered my truth.
I hate him.
As crass as it sounds.
So unrefined.
But I'm not a lady,
I'm honest.
And hate is as honest as it comes.

I'm A Woman
Nothing dramatic
No bubbling optimism
No epiphany
I'm inimitable, I admit it.
For once I'm not
Sorry for being me.
I'm a woman. Nothing to hide.
I have lashes
And breasts
I have voids to fill
I'm not average, far from common.
I'm deep, Yet simple.
I'm in love, I'm searching
to be loved back.
I don't pretend. I won't agree
In fact, I don't care if you hate me.
I'm a woman, I'm inimitable
I have needs. I have my struggles.
But above it all, when I come clean,
I'm happy. Because I'm me.

Your Stoic Eyes
Your stoic eyes
And malevolent grin
Are filled with hate,
And dripping with sin.
Your fatuous lies
Will be your end,
You've killed your enemies
Along with your friends.

Let's Rationalize
Let me in
Let's rationalize
I wasn't thinking
So let me in
Accept my apology
Ignore that
it's superficial.
Ignore the
faux regret.
And pretend
to believe me.
Pretend I'm sincere.
you'll believe

"Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it."
My basic expectations
Have been violated.
Trust has
I simply exist.
And hope for things
to work out.
I seek understanding. I seek integrity.
Integrity is conforming
reality to our words.
I seek understanding. I seek honesty.
Honesty is conforming
our words to reality.
Integrity includes, but digs deeper
than honesty.
And I'm left here--
far above them both.
Looking down,
and they are far beyond
my grasp

Who Will Be So Kind?
Who picks up the pieces
When loyalty shatters?
People don't care anymore.
They only think of themselves.
They are out for their own good,
Nothing else.
But who will pick them up?
The pieces that are left behind.
Who will be so kind?
As to help us find?
The pieces--
And who will
help us put them
back together again?

Be simple
But not simplistic.
Don't embrace
the surface.
It won't
get you anywhere.
Simple is a flower.
Beautiful yet fathomable.
Simple is a good book.
Understandable, not overwhelming.
Simple isn't shallow.
It isn't lacking depth.
Simple is natural.
Simple is understandable.
Simple is purity.
Simplicity is depth.

I'm high on courage
And low on consideration.
I'm strong and ego-bound.
I have courage
of my convictions,
But I'm not
considerate of yours.
the object
and design
of our
is crafted
in our own
once we gain
our independence,
we take it,
and run with it.
we become monsters.
we try to stand alone.
forgetting that we
can't possibly
do it on our own.

they have
They pull
us down.
Deeply imbedded
In our minds
And bodies.
More powerful than you
More powerful than me
They are consistent
They possess the strength
that I lack.
Unconscious patterns.
Consistently, daily pulling us.
Always under the surface.
Your surface and mine.

Down To Earth
I relax my mind and body
And let them surface.
The things that pull me down
Float to the top.
For a moment, I'm free.
The weight lifts.
And I'm me.
I visualize them fleeing.
Leaving me empty.
It feels good for a second.
But then-- I know I miss it.
I need the weight
To keep me grounded.
I'm grateful
for my burdens.
They help keep me
Down To Earth.

The Soul
Expand your horizon
Look beyond the surface
called flesh
reach past
the flesh called
and grasp the inner
cloister called the soul.
grip it, squeeze it,
test it.
then, push it aside...
and face reality.

Our cries
of fulfillment
permeate the room.
Our esoteric journey
found its peak.
The peak
we both longed for
As we reached out
our hands-- seeking
with alacrity
The one defining moment.
That finally, we've found.

Together we
razed truth.
Taking it in our hands
and twisting it
Pulling it
Together we forgot honesty
And found something
much more enticing.
We found desire.

the new day dawns
the sun rises--
and exposes the world.
Naked-- for all to see.
The veil of darkness gone
The dim glow growing-- into morning.
The sleepy world stretches,
reaching out into the fresh light.
taking inventory of the night before.
Slowly rubbing its eyes...
And then rapidly restoring
to embrace the new day.
the second chance.
The fresh and vibrant start...
As the night fades
And the light grows
Into morning.

Some Man
Sometimes a body grieves.
Unyielding to the world's fast pace.
Day to day, breath to breath
Hour to hour, tear to tear
Sometimes the weight is too heavy.
So we stop-- And rest for awhile.
Kick off our shoes...
Stretch our legs...
But somehow we always
get back up.
We always rejoin the flow
of daily life.
We always fit the mold
Reach the goal
And conform to some man--
in some office
at some desk--'s

Old Man Doubt
Old man doubt
takes us in his stride.
he discourages hope
He makes us think harder
--dig deeper
Judge more critically
But old man doubt is weak.
Second guess him--
and he shrinks back.
Thump him--
he's gone.

Sometimes darkness fills a room more than light
The shadows settle gently and paint the walls a darker shade
Blues, grays, and indigos stain the white
And a deeper, darker, more mysterious mood is made
Sometimes at night I study your face
Eyes closed, mouth soft, and shadows warm
Yesterday’s troubles now erased
By the darkness that has crept across your form
You’re a dreamer and it shows
I can’t help but hope you dream of me
The moonlight dances, the starlight glows
Just enough for me to watch you sleep
I listen to the sounds of night
Traffic, neighbors, the TV’s hum
I watch you and await the light
For the shadows to retreat to where they’re from
A mix of noises wake the world
Birds, buses, and morning news
You sleep while everyone else uncurls
Ignore the alarm and press the snooze
Another day, another dollar drawing near
Another wrinkle etched across your face
Another month or two will make a year
Life as usual, keeping its steady pace
The rising colors splash the walls with vibrant hues
Replacing the peaceful blues of night
Another day of walking in my shoes
Breathing in and out, without a fight
The clock ticks and soon the sun begins to sink
Just that much closer to lying by your side
Purple paint again invades the room like ink
Shadows stretch, the perfect place to hide
You kiss my lips and say goodnight
Another day has finally gone
I settle in for another sleepless night
There is comfort here, where I know I belong
Watching you makes me feel safe
Content in the midst of life’s endless storm
I find ease in the darkness of this place
Where my most lasting dreams were formed

your shadow
your shadow
dips gently
crawling across
the wall
the sun pulls
and pushes
the wall's image
--your blackness
amidst its
guilded beauty
--your motion
surrounded by
its primrose

Heaven Reaches Down
heaven reaches down.
kissing your face,
lighting your eyes,
touching you in the
most gentle way.
it embraces
each strand of hair,
and brushes your cheek
with its
soft citron paint.
heaven reaches down.
And dances into darkness
upon your skin

my world is inflated--
false hopes & wishes.
wasted dreams.
faux enthusiasm.
my world is revolving,
but it is
 revolving around you.

It smells and sounds like summer,
but it's winter
It's winter where it hurts most
It's frigid in my heart.
Cold and lonely.
And I can't seem to find warmth
I see the vernal signs of happiness
yet I can't even reach out
and touch the petal of a flower
Far too delicate for this pain
and darkness that swims inside my soul.

Yeild to Light
Years of darkness yield to light
and I can see my strength
My whispers went unheard, ignored
But now my whispers scream
I need to breathe this air I've lost
I need to stand again
But now my air is lost in you
Where do I begin?
Why can't I hide these tears?
Why can't I smile past this pain?
Why do I float, alone...
A face without a name?

his forte is in loving me.
our souls rendezvous,
though our bodies rarely meet.
it seems odd that his blase' ideas
would blend with my
gauche naivety,
but they do.
and we find common ground
as we make love

Happy With Me
i collapsed inside his kiss
fell to my knees and sank into oblivion.
sank into his strength,
and suddenly my weakness wasn't as important.
suddenly my tears dried,and my sadness lifted.
suddenly i was happy with me,
because i was happy with him.

appeals to me today.
i abhor human relations.
call me antisocial,
but today it goes deeper than that.
today i'm a misanthrope.
today i hate you.
today i hate me.
today i hate the world.
but not as much as i hate you.
so back off
back up
back down.
is what i need

Ambrosia of the Gods
Your kiss is sweeter than
the ambrosia of the gods.
You decimated my hatred, and pushed me
into a world of fantasy and Euphoria.
You neutralized the malarkey i spoke,
and filled me with sweetness,
and talk of dreams and forever.
The deity of your arms
quenched my thirsty soul.

Apathetic yet Sympathetic
the vile taste of your illicit dreams
contradicts my apathy.
i can't ignore this presentiment
that tugs at me.
something is about to happen.
your dreams will shatter.
i feel it.
but i can't stop you from kissing satan.
i can't keep you from your dreams.
i can't stop your downfall.
i can't even slow it down.
i'm only human & apathetic,
yet still sympathetic
to your broken dreams.

i sequester my soul and hide my truths.
i cry in the night, and hide my tears.
i want to emerge from this hapless despair,
but i can't. it isn't that easy.
it isn't just going to disappear.
i guess i'll just sit and wait,
and hide my tears
in the darkness of my soul.

the trajectory of your kiss
is complaisant to my needs.
the docile dampness,
settles in my skin,
and incites my deepest fantasies.
the fortitude of your body
hovers over me,
a systematic decent into the depths of me.
a sweet soft meeting
between two bodies.
a soporific journey,
leading us to rest in each other's arms.
an interminable moment,
that doesn't last long enough.

My Hands
my hands search your body,
searching for truth.
searching for answers.
searching to find you.
my lips close behind them,
crawling up your skin,
dampening your body.
our wet warm path of sin.

she pushed him off the edge
thinking she could catch him.
but soon she found out that she couldn't.
she couldn't catch him.
she wasn't strong enough.
she wasn't brave.
so he fell, and landed.
and she stood, and watched.
and regretted ever pushing him
in the first place.

can you hear the whispers
escaping from my soul?
can you hear it breathe?
is it in control?
can you feel it kiss you?
gently on the hands?
do you have a soul too?
do you understand?

my soul
is a cold dry form
floating inside my body
bouncing from the walls of me
and echoing in emptiness.
my soul
is cold and lonely,
but it's no longer dry,
because it is crying.
to be rescued.

in your shadow
your power intimidates me.
it cowers above me,
cooling me in its shadow.
and it's cold here.
and i'm afraid.
your strength is my weakness.
your determination my downfall.
your hope is my fear.
your power my chill.
our power intimidates me,
and it's cold here
in your shadow.

Catch the Wind
lift me higher
and i'll catch the wind.
just a little higher,
and i'll fly again.
lift me up
above this storm
just a little farther up
and i'll be reborn

his happiness is infectious.
but i feel that it's a lie.
his happiness is too good
too abrupt
too easy
far too perfect.
his happiness is infectious.
almost as infectious as a lie.

ask me no questions
ask me no questions,
and i'll tell you no lies.
slowly stop loving,
you'll learn to despise.
hold onto truth,
and you'll soon realize,
that for years upon years,
you've just closed your eyes.

need you
i need you to hold me
but i'm holding you
i need you to listen
but i'm listening to you
i need you to need me
but i need you too
i need you to love me
and i need to love you

somewhere i lost you
i place my hand upon you,
slowly stroke your skin
i whisper things inside myself
and slowly stroke your skin.
i slowly lean to kiss you
but feel nothing when i do
i guess somewhere in all this mess
somewhere i lost you.

your gun
the ombudsman
for the world
lifting its ponderous load
whispering and setting
its demons free
in the form of blood.
trickling down your face as tears
screaming in nebulous slurs
slowly falling and telling of life
telling of your hurt
You've Got My Attention
I'm coming to terms
with myself and my fears
coming to terms with this pain
no longer am i speaking
on a superficial level
no longer am I hiding
today I am me.
I thank you for finding me.
I'm sorry it took
blood to get my attention.
I'm sorry that you had to scream
for me to hear your plea.
I'm sorry that I let love block reality.
But now you've got my attention.
along with the rest of the world.
Show me what you've tried to.
I'll listen closer than before.

Sprinkled & Burned
There is no proof,
except this feeling
inside of me.
I now he's out there.
But I can't prove anything.
And you certainly
aren't any help.
So, I've made up my mind.
I'm going to be baptized,
sprinkled, burned~~
I'm going to be a part of
every religion.
at least then,
if this feeling is real,
I'll know for sure
That I've made the
right choice.

Reached for It
It wasn't meant to last
I felt it from the start
It wasn't really love.
It wasn't of the heart.
It wasn't ever pure...
As love should always be.
It was always contaminated
With lust. And sexuality.
Two little people,
thinking that we knew.
Exactly who we were.
Exactly what to do.
But we found out the hard way.
By losing something dear.
We reached for love,
 but it shrugged away.
It was never really here.

As you kiss my brow,
I forget the misery lying behind it.
My sadness and dolor
fades fast with your moist music
Your sweet sultry song.
And an echo of your soft kiss
yells. Ripping into prominence
in my peaceful little life.
taking it's place before
all else. And ignoring
my wishes. Bringing into
being, my desires.
Giving them shape and substance.
And ground to stand on.
Making desire my song.
Slow harmonies, deep tensions.
Slight dissonance. Strong passion.
MY song, called desire.
Written by my hand,
inspired by your kiss.

World is Wide
The world is wide, and full of men
But somehow, I chose you.
We found each other
in the dark.
Nothing hard to do.
There weren't any fireworks
or flashy signs,
pointing me to you.
It just happened,
in the night,
I whispered "I love you"

Go Now & Take the Cat
I'd like to be alone right now
Please if you don't mind
I'm searching deep within myself
For things I'll never find
But nevertheless I prefer
To be here all alone
Breathing in, and breathing out
My mind free to roam
So go now, and take the cat
Silence is what I need
I may write a line or two,
Or perhaps I'll sit and read
But nevertheless I'll reflect
On things that deserve reflecting
And search deep within myself
For the things that need perfecting
Little Lindsay
she cries and laughs
she gives freely.
she dances
and entertains
with jokes and tales.
she smiles
and looks
for the best.
she writes
the feelings
she hides.
hides the things
that she writes.
Little Lindsay.
a light of hope
tickle of regalement
an innocent victim
a victim of herself
swallowed by her mistakes.

his love is dry & wilted & cold & hateful
yes love can be hateful.
it isn't all smiles & kisses & flowers & sap.
Love is real,
hate is real,
& somewhere
they meet.
somewhere they eventually

night & day
in the morning it's so easy to forget.
the morning light outshines the night before.
for hours & hours
we forget,
& go on with our day.
pausing occasionally to wonder
why we feel so good today,
but then the day ends,
lights fades and night sets in.
& we remember again
exactly what we knew before,
& we smile.
"Tomorrow is going to be a good day too."

smile as we cry
let's go walk in the rain,
let's go talk, laugh, or cry
let's get soaked in each other
& hung out to dry.
let's baste in the dampness
of God's dripping sky.
let the rain hide our tears
let's smile as we cry

i think hell is dying
& staying in your body.
And instead of talking,
you listen.
And instead of moving,
you watch.
You watch the pain
your family goes through,
you watch your funeral,
you watch your casket close,
you watch your grave fill up with dirt,
& you watch the darkness
for years and years
until finally you rot &
sink into the core of the earth,
& that is when the fire begins.

I Cried Too
I got closer to you
so that i could laugh louder
but somehow it wasn't funny anymore
to see the tears glistening in your eyes
to see the pain in your slumping shoulders.
it wasn't funny anymore.
my instincts kicked in,
protect the weak.
you were weak,
and crumbling,
and i chose to remain silent
instead of laughing
as i had originally intended
instead i just held you
and calmed your fears
and coaxed your tears
and dried them when you let go.
instead of laughing, i cried too.

Peace Ensues
peace ensues
when life draws to an end.
the cure for pain
and disease
is death.
no matter how great
will perish in the end,
will fall.
peace ensues
when life draws to an end.
the cure for any bad
is death,
death will pacify this pain
in you.
death will calm your silent fears.
peace ensues
when life draws to an end
and the only end,
is death.

Found Drowned
I was found
They say it was an accident
I say it was a slow
drawn out
I was found
Dead for years
They say it was an accident
but they did it
they held my head under
they forced me to swallow
and drown
in living water